How to Knit a Right Twist

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  • Post last modified:May 17, 2023

The right twist (RT) creates a pattern in your knitting that resembles cables, but without the need for cable needles.

It is a beautiful stitch that adds character to your knitting without the need of using cable needles. The best part about this stitch is that it is easy to do!

The left and right twist stitches are very similar, except one leans to the left and the other leans to the right. In this tutorial we will be focusing on the right twist stitch.

How to Knit a Right twist (RT)

The right twist stitch is created using two stitches

Step 1

Knit two stitches together, but do not take them off your left hand needle.

Step 2

Knit the first stitch.

step 3

Slip both stitches off your left hand needle


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