Rosewood Knitted Lace Hat

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Add a little flare to your fall wardrobe with the knitted lace hat. This hat will keep you both warm and stylish.

The Rosewood knitted hat is knit using Cascade 220 100% Peruvian Highland Wool. The style of this hat is slouchy and loose fitting. Making it a great hat to wear while walking your kids to the bus stop or shopping in town.

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Rosewood Knitted Lace Hat Pattern


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  • 4″ x 4″ stockinette square
  • 18 st x 12 rows = 4″ x 4″


~126 yards


  • Loose fitting and slouchy
  • Intermediate knitting pattern
  • Multiples of 5 (must be an even number)
  • Knit for adult 18-22″ head circumference. This hat is loose fitting and would fit larger head sizes.


  • K- Knit
  • p- purl
  • yo- yarn over
  • k2tog- knit two together
  • SKP- slip the first stitch knit wise onto the right hand needles, knit the next stitch. Then pass the first slip stitch over the stitch you just knit.
  • * * – Repeat the sequence between the asterisk
  • DPN- double pointed needles


With your 5.5 mm 16″ circular needles cast on 90 stitches. Join in the round. And place stitch marker to mark the beginning of the round.

Row 1-8: *K1, p1*

Row 9: *k2tog, yo, k3* – Repeat around

Row 10: Knit

Row 11: *yo, SKP, k3*

Row 12: knit

Row 13-48: Repeat rows 9-12 9 more times.


DECREASE ROW: Row 49: *k2tog. yo, k3, k2tog, yo, k1, k2tog* – The bold represents the decrease portion of the round. (81 stitches remain)

Row 50: Knit (81 sts)

Row 51: “yo, SKP, k3, yo, SKP, k2* (81 sts)

DECREASE ROW: Row 52: *k7, k2tog* (72 sts)

Row 53: *k2tog, yo, k3, k2tog, yo, k1* (72 sts)

Row 54: knit

DECREASE ROW: Row 55: *yo, SKP, k4, k2tog* (63 sts)

Row 56: knit (63 sts)

Row 57: k2tog, yo, k5 (63 sts)

DECREASE ROW: Row 58: *k5, k2tog* (54 sts)

Row 59: *Yo, SKP, k4* (54 sts)

Row 60: knit (54 sts)

DECREASE ROW: Row 61: *k2tog, yo, k2, k2tog* (45 sts)

Row 62: knit (45 sts)

*SWITCH TO DPNs* (5 mm DPN’s)

DECREASE ROW: Row 63: yo, SKP, k1, k2tog* (36 sts)

Row 64: knit (36 sts)

DECREASE ROW: Row 65: *k2, k2tog* (27 sts)

DECREASE ROW: Row 66: *k1, k2tog* (18 sts)

DECREASE ROW: Row 67: *k2tog* (9 sts)

Cut a long tail and weave through the remaining stitches, pull tight to cinch close.

Weave in ends and wet block.


Finished hat before wet blocking

Hat after wet blocking. The lace has opened up a bit more and the stitches are more relaxed.

This pattern is an original pattern by Meg Hardison of The Northern Moose. Please do not claim this pattern as your own. Please do not reprint this pattern on your site. You may keep a copy of the pattern for your own personal use, but please do not sell the pattern or distribute it.

You may sell products made from this pattern but please clearly credit the design to me Meg Hardison and link back to The Northern Moose Blog. Permission is not granted for mass production or factory manufacturing of any kind. Thank you for being respectful and for your understanding!

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