Beginner Friendly Knitting Patterns

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  • Post last modified:June 14, 2022

Below is a compiled list of beginner friendly knitting patterns. These knitting patterns are super simple and make great patterns to start out with when learning how to knit!

Beginner Friendly Free Knitting Patterns

Easy Fisherman Rib Knit Scarf

By: The Northern Moose

Easy quick to knit scarf. Pattern can be found here.

Easy Dishcloth knitting pattern

By: Nimble Needles

Super simple dishcloth pattern that is beginner friendly and works up quickly. This pattern can be found here.

The madison Ear WArmer

By: Savlabot

Easy seed stitch ear warmer. The pattern for this can be found here.

Simple Striped Knit Blanket

By: Krista Cagle

This striped knit blanket is the perfect beginner pattern, it is worked up using only knit stitches. The pattern can be found here.

3 Easy Knit Dishcloth Set

By: Handy Little Me

3 different dishcloth patterns to choose from and they are all beginner friendly. They can be found here.

Basic Beginner Knit Scarf

By: Nimble Needles

Easy garter stitch scarf. The pattern can be found here.

I hope you enjoy knitting each one of these beginner friendly projects!

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