10 Knitting Patterns for Leftover Skeins of Yarn

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  • Post last modified:February 2, 2023

Every knitterā€™s stash is filled with tiny leftover skeins of yarn, that sit there for months or years, because none of use could dare to throw out such a pretty ball of yarn. So we just keep hording away all the little balls and scraps, hoping to one day use them for something.

To solve the problem of my over flowing stash, I have come up with a list of ten scrappy yarn/stash buster knitting patterns.

Hopefully one or more of these patterns will spark your creativity to help you destash as well.

1. Rolled Top Fingerless Mittens by: The Northern Moose

Fingerless mittens are great to keep your hands warm while still being able to use your fingers. Perfect for photographers in cold weather.

This mittens use about 90 yards of yarn for the pair making them a decent pattern to destash some of your larger left over balls of yarn. Or if you have lots of smaller yarns in many different colours, you could modify the pattern to create colourful stripes.

2. Headband with a twist by: mirella moments

Who doesn’t love a chic stylish accessory?! Such a cute headband to keep your ears warm in the cold.

This pattern use about 87 yards of yarn

3. Weekend Shorty Socks by: summer lee

These have such a fun vibe! They are a great way to use up different colours of yarn. The colour combinations are endless.

The Weekend Short Socks use about 228 yards of yarn for the largest adult size. Not only are these socks fun, but the pattern is written from toddler to adult sizes. How amazing is that?

4. Rustic cottage dishcloth collection by: esther braithwaite

A classic knit dishcloth is a great go to for using up scrap yarn.

One of these dishcloths only use 50 yards of yarn.

5. soho scrunchie by: Tori knits nyc

Scrunchies are a great way to use up the tiniest balls of yarn. So simple and quick to make.

6. scrappy knit shawl by: morale fiber

I am in love with the look of this shawl!

The scrappy knit shawl pattern is written to use up all your old ends of skeins of yarn.

7. simple textured hand warmers by: unique yarns co.

This hand warmers are so simple to knit and they use only 50 g of yarn!

8. i am scrappy by: sarah bronske

A cozy blanket pattern written to use up a bunch of your partial skeins of yarn.

9. mug rugs by: mama in a stitch

Are these just not the cutest? They are so easy and quick to knit. Perfect for those super tiny scraps of yarn that you have lying around/

10. scrappy bias shawl by: emily clawson

A great shawl pattern for mini skeins or left over skeins of yarn.


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