How to Change Colours While Knitting in the Round

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  • Post last modified:August 27, 2021

Seamlessly change colours while knitting in the round with this simple technique.

Have you ever wanted to knit stripes, but you hate the way the colour change looks on your hat?

You can easily fix that with this easy technique. Changing colours in the round will now be almost invisible.

How to seamlessly change colours in the round while knitting

The key to this seamless technique is the always have the working yarn go over top of the previous colour you just knit with.

This will create a twisting pattern inside the hat.

Check out the video or scroll down for the written instructions

Step 1

In this photo I am about to switch from yellow to white,

When coming up to the colour change at the end of the round:

First pull the yarn, from the colour you are going to change to, gently so that the stitch is pulled tight, but not too tight.

Step 2

Pull the yarn that you are getting ready to switch from (in this case I’m switching from yellow to white) to the side.

Step 3

Once the yellow is pulled to the side take the white yarn and twist it over top the yellow and knit as you normally would.

In the image below you can see how the yarn twists around itself on the inside of the hat.

The colour changing is almost unnoticeable. This technique is perfect for knitting stripes.

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