Halloween Skull Hat Knitting Pattern

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Spooky, scary skeletons!

How cute is this skull hat? It is perfect for spooky season!

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skull hat knittign pattern


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2.25 stitches/ 1 inch x 3.5 rounds/ 1 inch – 4 inch knit stitch


  • k- knit
  • k2tog- knit 2 together
  • MC- main colour
  • CC- contrasting colour
  • * *- repeat everything between the asterisks until end of round
  • DPN- double pointed needles



Cast on 50 stitches using MC with 9mm circular needles. Join in the round

Row 1-7: MC k1, p1 

Body of the hat 

Row 8-9: MC knit

Row 10: CC knit

Row 11-12: MC knit

Row 13: MC k1, CC k1, MC k1, CC k1, MC k1, CC k1, *MC k5, CC k1, MC k1, CC k1, MC k1, CC k1*(repeat 4 times),  MC k4

Row 14: MC k1, CC k5, MC k5, *CC k5, MC k5* (repeat 4 times), MC k4

Row 15: *CC k3, MC k1, CC k3, MC k3* (repeat 5 times)

Row 16: *CC k1, MC k2, CC k1, MC, k2, CC k1, MC k3* (repeat 5 times)

Row 17: *CC k1, MC k2, CC k1, MC, k2, CC k1, MC k3* (repeat 5 times)

Row 18: *CC k7, MC k3* (repeat 5 times)

Row 19: *CC k7, MC k3* (repeat 5 times)

Row 20: MC k1, CC k5, *MC k5, CC k5* (repeat 4 times), MC k4

Row 21-22: MC knit

Row 23: CC knit

Row 24-26: MC knit

Row 27: MC *K2, k2 tog* k2

Row 28: MC knit 

Switch to 9mm DPN

Row 29: *k1,k2tog*, k2

Row 30: *K2tog* 

Cut long tail weave through remaining stitches. Sinch closed. Weave in ends and add pom pom cinch 

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  1. Naomi

    I’m excited to try this – it’s perfect for my every-day-is-Hallowe’en friend!
    Is Row 9 MC knit?

    1. northernmoose

      Yes it is, sorry about that!

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